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#20 Chickens, Cocks and Chair Flips PRO Detailer Magazine

Welcome to Episode 20 of the PRO Detailer Podcast!We have a fun packed episode this week, with our new friends Marios and Rodger from Garage Therapy, one of the coolest emerging brands in the UK. As with our previous guests, we have some great content for you, and also a bit of fun and banter.The day started with James getting extremely excited, as Rodger arrived in his own 'Skod missile', so now James has 2 Skoda fwends…It didn't get much better when they began talking, and it turned out that James, Rodger AND Marios also had previous cars in common too – diesel Spanish Golfs. Luckily we managed to actually talk about Garage Therapy, some other industry bits and bobs, and inevitably, an extended car news section.We discuss the topic of our least favourite 'claims' made in the industry, which produced some interesting answers!Bert didn't mention VBH in this episode, but he did mention her over lunch, so consider the topic covered. We also have new microphones! After a long and sturdy life of service, we have upgraded our microphones, so bear with us whilst we get the levels nailed. Bert has now studied for 6 months at Humour Hogwarts, but his references and jokes have still not improved. Luckily the mere mention of his recent vehicular escapades was enough to keep us in stitches for the duration…Humour is as dead pan flat as always, but we had great fun with Maz and Roger See for privacy and opt-out information.
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