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The PDM office are stuck twiddling their thumbs waiting for Issue 13 to arrive from the printers at some point in the next hour and a bit. Whilst we're going to have a full podcast dedicated to the issue soon, we chat about the "making of" process and some of the stuff that goes into creating the magazine – until the van arrives. No outtakes at the start, so feel free to skip 42 seconds – or enjoy the intro and have a dance. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. Interim Podcast
  2. Wars, Whispers and Cheeky W*nks
  3. #20 Chickens, Cocks and Chair Flips
  4. #19 Obsession, Obscenity and Odd car names
  5. #18 Pathé, Pins and Pen Island

Join three of the team behind the magazine for a peek behind the psyche that is the PDM office.

Featuring Ian, Bert and James, we come together with our casting deck and microphones every few weeks and have a catch up on whats happening in the world of detailing, and with our own fleet of non-runners. Sometime we feature special guests, other times the presenters are special enough on their own…

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