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PRO Detailer Magazine is the worlds largest magazine written exclusively for detailing enthusiasts – published twice a year, one issue in July, and the second in December. Subscribing gets you each magazine first, as soon as it’s released, direct to your doorstep.

Subscribers benefit, in addition to getting their copies first, by:

1. Not having to remember to sign up each year/purchase individual copies – and

2. Save a bit on the RRP & postage.

Renewal is annually on May 1st of each year. You can subscribe at any point during the year and you will receive both issues for the year you subscribed in, either immediately if one or both issues has already been released, or when published. – If you subscribe before July, you will receive the summer issue in July and the winter issue in December. If you subscribe after July you will receive the summer issue immediately, and the winter issue in December once released. Either way – two mags a year.

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