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Wars, Whispers and Cheeky W*nks PRO Detailer Magazine

Welcome to Episode 21 of the PRO Detailer Podcast!This episode sees Ian and Bert joined in the studio by Cav from Stjärnagloss – James is absent having been removed back over the north/south border temporarily – we assume due to some passport issues…Topics flitter around all over the place, from SG's roots to the Dodo connection, Cav's obsession with Jags, what it's like producing 30 second bits of comedy gold for Insta then work on a project with Top Gear, crazy Saabs in Wales though to how many Swedish words and animal noises Cav can identify…We chat about selling products to the consumer market and making yourself noticed, and why some brands aren't able/willing to do that.The good news is with so much to cover with Cav we barely touched on Bert's failing efforts to make a good Subaru, and Ian's continuing apathy to replace the A5 despite the R5's faults – however Cav has asked for some help buying the next Stjärnamobile…Enjoy! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. Wars, Whispers and Cheeky W*nks
  2. #20 Chickens, Cocks and Chair Flips
  3. #19 Obsession, Obscenity and Odd car names
  4. #18 Pathé, Pins and Pen Island
  5. #17 Saabs, Snips and French Shafts

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