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S02 Episode 2 PRO Detailer Magazine

PRO Detailer talks to… Dynax Detailing. A really interesting discussion this week – especially for anyone fairly new to the game and wondering in where they might be in a couple of years. Matt Prowse talks to us about his first two years in professional detailing as Dynax. We cover everything from branding decisions, customer acquisition, business planning, Social and advertising campaigns, and starting all of this 6 months before a global pandemic hit the globe… See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. S02 Episode 2
  2. S02 Episode 1:
  3. Interim Podcast
  4. Wars, Whispers and Cheeky W*nks
  5. #20 Chickens, Cocks and Chair Flips

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