Advertising in PRO Detailer Magazine is simple, effective and a direct line to your purchasers and consumers.

Our readers are knowledgable, enthusiastic detailers, and are always interested in finding new and exciting companies and products to use and work with.

3 reasons you should choose to Advertise with Pro Detailer Magazine


1. Credibility – People trust print ads more than digital ads.


When MarketingSherpa surveyed 1,200 people, they found that:

Consumers trust print ads more than any other type of advertisement.”

In their analysis, MarketingSherpa cautions advertisers: “Just know that advertising in newspapers and magazines will tend to add credibility to your product or service, while an online pop-up ad will reduce the credibility for your product or service.”

Digital adverts are seen as unregulated junk.

Print, TV, Catalogs – they’ve all had someone look at it and decide if it meets editorial standards… They’re credible.

2. Interaction – Readers engage differently with physical content

Even bland ads still benefit from one of the biggest advantages of print:

People subscribe to magazines based on their interests. Adverts are part of that, because they align with the rest of the content and add to the magazine’s value.

In other words: magazine subscribers actually want to read the ads. People read magazines to get better at their jobs and explore their passions, and the ads are part of that experience, rather than an interruption. Not only that – Readers are exposed to your advert again every time they re-read the publication or refer back to it. It doesn’t go away or get replaced by the next news cycle.

3. Success! – Perfect Recall

People recall Print Adverts far better than Digital Adverts

The Internet is noisy. Any given page may have dozens of links, ads, calls to action, and choices competing for your attention. In a magazine or newspaper, readers still have distractions, but there are generally fewer of them, and you physically move through ads as you interact with the content.

That may be why neuroscientists have found that people are 70 percent more likely to recall your brand after seeing it in a print ad than a digital ad. Other studies involving brain scans have found that physical ads activate different parts of the brain than digital ads, and viewing them “involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations.”

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