Quarter Page


The PRO Detailer Magazine was founded in 2015 and is released twice a year. It is the largest worldwide print publication dedicated to detailing and has a flourishing online community who are all committed to car care. With sales in 37 countries, and distributors in the USA, Netherlands, and Germany, PRO Detailer is truly international, with editorial content from all corners of the world.

From the outset, the editorial team imposed a strict 3:1 ratio of editorial to advertising space, ensuring readers aren’t deluged with promotional content. With around 100 pages per edition, demand for advertising space invariably outstrips supply, and so we have introduced new options to cater for our supporters, included sponsored classified sections and the option to include A5 flyers with all subscription copies.

A quarter page advert suits the smaller manufacturer or reseller wanting to remind customers of their existence or introduce a new product. Quarter page adds are normally grouped in twos or fours, and are always facing editorial. We endeavour to ensure that adjoining adverts are not visually too similar or promoting similar wares as far as possible.


Artwork Specification:

90mm wide x 139mm high

We recommend an additional 5mm bleed

Depending on page layout, we may print quarter page adverts to the page edge, adjoining each other – alternatively, we may shrink them slightly to ensure a border between adverts. This is at the discretion of the editor.

We require 300dpi, ideally in PDF (A-1b:2005 CMYK) but can accept PNG and JPG formats in 300dpi. If you are unsure whether your artwork meets specification, please feel free to get in touch, ideally with the original design file (.AI preferred).

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